3rd of March 2017 – 5 puppies were born. 1 female and 4 males.


Alastor Jantárová hviezda (male): first-born boy with really ellegant body shape and very nice head. He is full of energy and he gives it all around him. He is tireless in playing. While the siblings are sleeping he steals all the toys for himsellf.


Albus Jantárová hviezda (male): The second energizer. Always happy agility boy, a real entertainer. He can’t deny typical breed character. He loves running at open space and doing turns and pirouettes.


Amadeus Jantárová hviezda (male): Boy with a very nice body shape and beautiful head. A little bit more calm than the other siblings. He loves to cuddle and play with people but when he plays with the siblings, he is catching them. He is the main „singer“ .


Asterion Jantárová hviezda (male): A serious, brave and happy boy. He has a correct body body shape and beautiful head. He has a typical schapendoes character. He loves to have a company of other dogs and people and to play with them. He is curious but cautious.


Arwen Jantárová hviezda (female): Our only girl who doesn’t let the brothers to be stronger and to win. She loves chasing, playing, and cuddling. She is very clever, curious and cautious. She has a very nice body shape and nice head with girly expression.


father   mother
IT CH Mago Merlino Des Uns et Des Autres JCH SK Alicia von den Lechfeldzwergen

Born 4. october 2012

Colour: gray - black

DBK A/A, DLK 0/0 free of all eye diseases, GPRA +/+

Ch IT, 3xCAJC,  7xCAC, 7xBOB, Special club show youth winner, Special club show winner, Club show Best of breed

Toby is family dogwith excelent character, playful, typical schapendoes. Always excelent on shows.


Born. 24. october 2014

Colour: gray - blue - black

DBK A/A, free of all eye diseases, GPRA +/+

JCh SK, 3xCAJC, 10xCAC, 12xBOB, 5xCACIB


Aliia is cheerful bitch with excelent character. She train agility,  she tried nosework because of her excelent sense of smell, and she love to be at nature so much.